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Restaurant TOMO welcomes you
from Tuesday lunch-time
to Saturday dinner-time.

Tomohiro HATAKEYAMA's culinary
creations awaken your senses.

In Restaurant TOMO, you will find
two very distinct styles and atmospheres:
Traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine
and, on the other side of the curtain,
a refined French cuisine in a
contemporary setting.

At lunch time, the menu consists of different choices of Japanese dishes daily.
In the evening, the Japanese dinner menu
has 6 to 7 dishes, while the
French menu consists of 4 to 5.

Restaurant TOMO - 7, rue Pierre Corneille - 69006 - Lyon
Tel: +33 (0)4 78 41 84 60, Tuesday lunch-time to Saturday dinner-time
Opening hours: 12 - 2 pm and 7 - 9 pm (LO)
For reservation, please contact us by phone.